Custom Countertops

Reinvigorate Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Custom Countertops

Have you been feeling like your home is in need of an update? One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your home is by replacing your existing countertops. Brey Industries is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom concrete countertops in Billings, MT. We take the time to perfect the small details, leading to a beautifully crafted countertop for a brand new look in your kitchen or bathroom.

Custom Design for Any Style of Countertop

Whether you have a large kitchen built for entertaining, an outdoor kitchen that requires robust concrete work, or simply a tired, old kitchen that would benefit from a new countertop, Brey Industries has the tools and expertise to create a magnificent result. We custom craft each countertop according to your specifications to create a seamless finish to suit any color palette, style, texture and finish.

Create a Statement Piece with a Custom Countertop

Nothing beats the strength and durability when it comes to concrete countertops. Known for their resistance to nicks and cuts, you can enjoy hassle-free use with a finish that lasts a life time. Your Brey Industries consultant will help you to design the perfect custom countertop that incorporates a seamless appearance that can cater to any kitchen layout with ease, decorated with motifs and inlays for that perfect finish.

Your One Stop Shop for Unique Custom Countertops in Billings, MT

Why settle for ordinary when you can have a beautifully unique custom countertop? Brey Industries offers design, manufacture and installation of countertops in Billings, MT. Speak to our team today about your options by calling us at (406) 860-6983.