Flat Work

Flat Work: Patios and Sidewalks

The foundation of the work we do at Brey Industries is flat work. This includes laying concrete slabs for various needs, including patios and sidewalks. Many times, concrete is the best option for these areas because it is highly durable, can handle most weight from vehicles, and can be long lasting. It is easy to maintain and cost effective, too. Our team can help you create the right space for your needs.

Patios and Sidewalks

What to Expect from Flat Work

The flat work we do at Brey Industries ranges from very basic concrete slabs to decorative, high value surfaces. Flat work is done using a frame and a subbase. These will incorporate aggregate rock and rebar in them. Concrete flat work done well will not crack or crumble. Our team will ensure that the proper methods are used along with the best possible materials to ensure the look and function you desire. We lay a frame, ensure the mold is designed the way you desire, and pay close attention to the details.

When it comes to doing flat work, you can expect each of our professionals to have ample experience and a dedication to superior workmanship. We work with you to ensure the work is done properly, laid out safely, and designed to provide you with the look and function you need. If you are considering the investment of a new patio, driveway, sidewalk, or other hard surface, consider the advantages of allowing our team to provide flat work for you.